home exchange vacation – a cheaper way to go on vacation

home exchange vacation

How does the idea work? In house swaps, you lend your home to another family while you live in theirs. This can be a great way to cut vacation costs, and also allows you to feel your life as a local, rather than a tourist. You can say that using a home exchange method has less expenses, and living conditions are even cheaper than a hotel and in some cases (if someone is staying at your house at the same time) you can be sure that someone keeps you on the house while you are abroad.home exchange vacation

How do you do that?

    1. You can go online to one of the world data exchange databases like homeexchange.com which has more than 65,000 home in 150 countries and home replacement applications.
    2. Sign up to the database to inform the members of the site that your house is available for exchange in order to attract swaps request from the site members.
    3. Search for the destination and the home that fits your needs with the required dates.
    4. After finding the home you like, send a preliminary message to the home owners where you're telling him what you have to offer. Describe your home and specify as much as possible:
      1. The exact location, what means of transportation are close to the house, what kind of services and attractions are closest to your home (Theater, beach; shopping center, banks and ext.)
      2. House description: House size, how many meters, Number of rooms, kitchen and utilities.
    5. You need to gather information about the house you plan to stay in, and those that are going to stay in your home; you can ask for testimonials from people who have exchanged homes with them in the past.
    6. After receiving the main information, exchange as many pictures as possible of the houses and the living environment, which will help you to see the conditions. It is recommended to speak at least once on the phone, in order to be impressed by the people you entrust to your home.
    7. Look for the address on world maps and verify the area using the search engine (like goggle maps) and social networks, and make sure it is a location that fits your needs.
    8. It is recommended to exchange letters of commitment, in which you will provide the details of the assets and the terms of the issue, including cleaning. Moreover, some even require a contract between the two parties who do the replacement but take into consideration that it can be complex and may cost a lot of money.

How to prepare to perform the replacement?home exchange vacation

  1. Leave a detailed guide that contains all the information that the guests of the house will need to know about the home: where everything is located, how to operate the home appliances and any other important information you can think of.
  2. how to prepare the house to welcome our guests
  • Do not forget to coordinate in advance where you leave the key
  • Clean the apartment before arrival
  • Leave room in closets to store clothes and equipment for guests.
  • A beautiful gesture will be to leave some basic products for the first meals
  • It is customary to leave several sets of bed linen and towels for guests
  • It is recommended that you keep a list of important phone numbers of acquaintances or family members and emergency numbers

Take precautions:home exchange vacation

          • It is recommended to update your neighbors about the house exchange, and even ask them occasionally to see that everything is okay at home
          • ┬áIf you want to go for sure, you can update the insurance company that insures the house and give them the details you have about the prospective guests
          • In order to avoid the risk of theft of objects, valuables can be removed from the house

        End of vacation

        At the end of your vacation, do not forget to return home, where you spend your vacation, clean and in the same condition you received it.


        Naturally there are many concerns to lend your home to people you do not know, but you need to remember that people staying in your home have the same concerns about their home. Therefore, both sides need to be patient and courteous when it comes to the process of exchanging houses


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