Bicycle Vacation in Europe with Kids – great way to enjoy europe with kids

family biking vacations

Just think about cycle vacation in Europe with Kids. Now imagine that you ride your bike with your family through peaceful and green landscapes, picturesque urban villages, after a rest stop on the way to a picnic or swimming in the lake. A family bike trip can be an adventurous way to spend your vacation. In Europe, for example, there are good bike routes, including those suitable for families and novice riders. There are also many marked and well-organized bicycle routes, so you do not need to use a guide or organized tour.

What kind of bicycle trip is right for you?

Planning the trip is one of the most of the important things you need to take in consideration:

  1. Who is going to be on the trip? The number of the participants in the trip, their age and their fitness abilities.
  2. When riding with children, it is recommended to choose planar routes, so that children can enjoy fun riding. It is also important to choose routes that provide stimulation for children like lakes, rivers, caves, etc ..
  3. To inquire in advance about special events in the selected country, and to plan a cycling route between the events.
    These trips need to consider the number of days of riding required, the level of difficulty and the level of requested accommodation.
  4. Accommodation way:
    You can stay on country farms in hostels, country hotels, good-quality hotels, and spa hotels. Please note that if you plan a trip to a high season you will need to book the hotels in advance. In addition, you need to make sure the hotel has a safe place for you to keep a bike. There are hotels that have specialized services for cyclists such as repair equipment, bicycle rides, bicycle paths information etc …
  5. What kind of trip you are planning to take with the bike?
  • Round trip: On this type of trip, you travel to a certain place with a car and from there you begin riding on the bike route. This type of planning has its own advantages. Because in this way you can get back to the car if the children get tired, or if suddenly it starts to rain. Another advantage is that you can leave some equipment in the car.
  • Star Route: This is the type of trip you choose to hotel in the base city and from there you can ride to another point every day and always return to the hotel. The advantage for this type of riding is that you do not have to look for a hotel every day or ride with any equipment with you.
  • Rolling track: One type of trip is that every day you ride from one destination to another, when the tour provider moves the luggage between the destinations, so you do not have to ride with the overweight – this type of trip suitable for families. Another type of this route, is rides with all the equipment with you, and stops for camping. Due to the fact that this type of hike you need to carry extra weight, this type of travel is less recommended when riding with children.

family biking vacations

Bicycle rentals?

If you book a bicycle tour it usually includes the cost of renting a bike at the price of the tour. If you plan your trip on your own you should check if you need to pay extra for shipping the bike on the program. In many cases it is cheaper and safer to rent bicycles on arrival and not bring the bike with you. If you do a wand to pull out the bike, separate the bike into parts, wrap the parts and then pack everything in one box.

Important tips for travel

  1. Do not ride on the day of the flight. We recommend that you spend your day exploring the place.
  2. It is recommended to bring energy bars, fruits and sandwiches, and of course drink a lot.
  3. During the trip it is recommended to order food in the supermarkets, available in almost every village and town on the way, and find a nice place for a picnic.
  4. Do not forget to take a fs camera to shoot special moments and sights.
    When you go near rivers or hot springs, you may want to take a break, dip in them, release the captured muscles, relax and gather strength for the rest of the riding
  5. When traveling with children: Do not forget that they need to rest from the trip so that from time to time stop the trip and let the children enjoy, rest or go wild.
  6. Keep it safe:
  • Be sure to wear a helmet, parents and children, throughout the trip.
  • If a child rides with you on the bike ‘you have to notice that he / she does not fall asleep during the trip, it can be very dangerous because you can fall off the bike in the best case

Where to ride?family biking vacations

Here are some examples of routes that can be cycled in Europe:

  1. The Austrian Danube is perhaps the most famous cycle route in Europe, which is very suitable for families with children. Most of its passengers downstream, from or near Passau and end their bike tour in Vienna. For more information
  2. Tuscany is one of the recommended destinations for family trips. The northern area of ??Italy is full of spectacular views and areas suitable for cycling. The recommended seasons for bicycle trips for families in Tuscany are spring and fall. It is not recommended to arrive in December until March, when it rains and riding is almost impossible. For more information:
  3. Bike route in Rhine – The route is suitable for cyclists at all levels of fitness and abilities. The Rhine Route runs along one of the longest rivers in Europe. From the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. For more information:
  4. The Netherlands: The country has many bicycle routes and routes for riding. The landscape is flat, the distances are short and there is much to see and do along the way. For more information:

Have pleasant and safe ride!

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