Why Do We Take Vacations To Get Tired? – Kenny Sebastian in Kerala

It’s not surprising that we come back from our trips exhausted. I travel a lot thanks to my job and have been lucky to have visited exotic locations but I always …


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42 thoughts on “Why Do We Take Vacations To Get Tired? – Kenny Sebastian in Kerala

  1. Okay so i saw this video today and as kenny said in video any moment or any calm or good thing wannna share then comment so when i was teen i used to hate people coz in my head people are selfish mean but i forget not all people are like this….
    So now i am 21 started travelling on my own ….went to new places and realised that nooo…..not all people are mean and selfish some beings don't know you but still make u feel comfortable and gives you a lot of happiness and good memories of trip….

  2. Kenny, a million thanks to you. The feeling just wrapped me in warmth and teared me a little. I realized how much I need this vacation. I am from Kochi and keep running home every other weekend from the concrete jungle I live. God bless you, what a reminder of bliss feeling!

  3. Its like a dream or bucket listed trip, for many people to visit Kerala atleast once in a lifetime. But to have born there and to live there is truly a bleassing… Am a really proud malayali…Its indeed a God's own country… Its a paradise….the food, the backwaters… As u rightly said the calmness and the cleanliness, the spectacular nature…the rains….everything blended at its best…. But above all, as a person who lives here, the unity of the people is that what stands out… No religious difference. You can always see hindu, muslim, christian being best friends and enjoying together… Religion is something very irrespective in relationships here…only differences are in their political following… they may debate and fight for that…but the end of the day… they will ask each other…. Vaikitentha paripadi… Lets have a kattan together…. If there is one more life…. I just wanna be born here only…Proud Keralite

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