Travel Day Home from Orlando Vacation EMORY UNIVERSITY | Table Rock

Thanksgiving Orlando Disney and Universal City Walk Family Vacation 2018 Today is November 27, 2018 and we are leaving our hotel in Atlanta after having …


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4 thoughts on “Travel Day Home from Orlando Vacation EMORY UNIVERSITY | Table Rock

  1. One of my cousins got his Masters degree from Emory. It was a treat getting to see around the Emory Campus. My mother worked at CDC for 37 years. Emory is a beautiful campus but the traffic is horrible. I love Zaxbys too, it has been a while since I I have been.

  2. I was laughing at you guys talking about who merge's differently on the highway this is every married couple so real. Table rock looks so pretty no real mountains where I live at least we live close to one the great lakes.

  3. Snap chat fun!! Lol I get an extended version of the merging controversy lol.   Love family discussions!  I think the females in your family are a bunch of bullies LOL Poor Lakelyn and Tom!

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