Playa del Carmen SacBe Eco Village – Sustainable Community Off The Grid | 90+ Countries with 3 Kids

Pueblo SacBe is a private oasis located in the jungle within the city limits of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the fastest growing city in North America. The collective …


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29 thoughts on “Playa del Carmen SacBe Eco Village – Sustainable Community Off The Grid | 90+ Countries with 3 Kids

  1. Loved the Eco Village first time ever seeing one. So unique. These videos have just been so wonderful to see. Thank you for posting. I truly enjoy them. They are as close as I will ever get to being there so I truly thank you for the pleasure of getting to see them. Especially in such a family way.

  2. Wow, that was so nice and genuine. Thank you for sharing your experience with us viewers. I live in California but my family is from Yucatan. Your videos make me feel nostalgic ad full of joy.

  3. Mexico is very nice, like Mexico, my brothers visited Mexico Tijuana and puerto Vallarta my brothers live in San Jose Califonia and Patterson California, my mother visit United States in September 2019, I speak litle English, I write little English.

  4. My cousin last year bought a empty house near by the mountains that use to belong to elderly woman. He fix and it looks great, incredible he keeps finding beautiful natural things around, nature is just wonderful.

  5. 8:54 looks like a flintstones scene. Cool, everything else looks really modern though. I love the buses big and beautiful. I see you guys settle for nothing less than the best. That place is magnificent.

  6. For sure. You are investing in having your family. drug-free. The reason. why young people They fall into drugs and bad friendships. It is because they do not travel to know magical places. Like the ones now. You are visiting.
    Those poor young people. They are stuck in the city. They have to look for it, smoking and drinking. to recreate in their mind. magical places. Saludos!

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