Perfect Hawaii vacation – Oahu, Big Island, Maui. Part 1- OAHU.

Hi guys!:) Im working on editing footage from our two weeks Hawaii vacation and will be uploading two other videos from two other islands very soon:) As well as …


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One thought on “Perfect Hawaii vacation – Oahu, Big Island, Maui. Part 1- OAHU.

  1. Such awesome scenery from the very first second until the very last one. Your dancing in the sand was incredible, it is insanely difficult to do that, it reminds me of your dance in socks on glazed tiles in your house while you were cooking, how on Earth you never fell while doing that I will never know (can you probably stand on the ceiling too). Even your mom can shuffle (but she does have the world's best shuffler for a daughter/teacher :D). What a stunning view from 3.00 and the colour of that water was beautiful. Your dancing in the rain was great, what other shuffler would do that? (probably none) and oh wow, you even performed the circle without both feet ever leaving the floor like I mentioned in one of your other vids. The waterfall @6.00 was really unusual, instead of falling it seemed as though the water ran down the cliff. Loved the background for your dance @ 8.17, so beautiful, you always seem to have a 'good eye' for a great spot to dance in that is visually appealing. And truly, that was a PERFECT shot to end the video. What else can I say?
    "Anastasiia, never mind a Coke commercial, you NEED your own tv show, honestly, 'Around the world with Anastasiia', a programme where you get paid to travel the world and show it to us because you have an amazing ability to showcase the life, scenery, culture and wildlife of wherever it is that you go all topped off with your unique and fun style and most importantly, your desire to show this beautiful world to as many people as you can. I think such a programme would be 'heaven' for you to make and 'heaven' for all of us to watch. The first time I ever saw you was with a shopping trolley and coco pops but you are infinitely more than 'just' a dancer. Thank you for being everything who you are and showing so much of who you are to us".

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