Jeep off road adventures – family vacation adventure

When you think of a family trip that breaks the routine, one that can be both challenging and fun, we should take into account the Jeep off road adventures in the preferred option.

Why to take a jeep trip?

A jeep allows us to experience wild, untouched nature without having to deal with difficult physical challenges. On jeeps tours you can reach fascinating and impressive places which are not exposed to the standard traveler and touch the authenticity of the local community, interact with local residents and even be their guests at their home.

jeep road tripsThis kind of trip it not only about the challenge of unpaved driving areas, it's actually much more. Our recommendation is to take a break after an hour and a half of driving and to combine different attractions and visit the sites along the way such as surfing on the Omega among tree tops, rafting in the river, kayaking in the lake or bathing in natural pools.

How to prepare for a jeep trip?

Choosing the type of the trip:

  • organized jeep trip

There are two kinds of jeep trip. An organized jeep trip which is an organize tour which a group of jeeps, with Predefined route, with different attraction planned along the way. The participants are driving after the guide’s jeep and listen to instructions and explanations about the area throw Walkie-Talkies along the way.

In case if one of the participants is tired from driving, he can join to one of the other jeeps or to the guide’s jeep. If you're planning to take a guided tour, it’s important to consult with an expert, in order to make sure that the tour and it’s route Will be suitable for all members of the family participating in the trip.

It's important to consult ahead of ordering a guided trip, so the journey won’t be too difficult for them, and do not forget to take into account any limitations that may require consideration when organizing the route.

Take notice that some routs might be technically challenging and some geographical layout might make it difficult to drive.

  • Independent trip

Jeep off road trip campAnother type of trip is an independent trip. In this type you can combine driving on paved roads with driving in the field, and in fact you can only hire a Jeep to the level of driving space to reduce costs.

It is advisable to plan ahead and carefully study what type of driving is appropriate for each part of the route and what precautions we should take while driving in the jeep on each part of the route.

The advantage of an independent trip is that you can adapt it to suit your family. It is possible to plan many stops if there are small children, and to plan routes according to the needs of the family members.

Preparing the family to the trip

It is important to share with the family and the kids in the details of the trip, where are you going to be, where and how you are going to drive, and what kind of experiences they are about to go throw. This way they will be less nervous and more excited about the trip.

What to pack?

  1. Clothes that are suitable for the weather in the destination at the time of the trip.
  2. Hats, sun glasses
  3. Drinking water & snacks: In case the children will be hungry while driving
  4. Backpack: for the road trips
  5. entertainment for the children: Binoculars for each child: This will keep them interested and engaged during the journey, Tablets with games

Where can you go on a jeep trip?

  • The Pyrenees Mountains on the border between Spain and France is a paradise for families, especially the Spanish side, which excels not only in beautiful landscapes but also in a wide range of thrills for the whole family. The area also offers some experiences, such as rowing in kayaks, surfing the world's longest mountain sled in Andora, Canoeing, visiting ancient villages and ext.
  • Montenegro is small country located in the western Balkan region on the shores of the Adriatic. The blue sea with the beaches of the Riviera, the tranquil waters of the lakes, the canyons and the enchanting mountains that enable a variety of routes for jeep tours.
  • Romenia-Special paths and authentic villages to the medieval cities with spectacular views of the Carpathian Mountains around.
  • In the US you can enjoy jeep trip in Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or Las Vegas can enjoy jeep trips

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