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European resort villages – What you need to know?

Are you and your family like spending more time in the countryside than in the vibrant city life?  If the answer is “yes”, you might consider vacationing in a resort village in one of the European countries.
The resort villages allow a vacation in nature, in very comfortable conditions. Large part of them, provide attractions that are suitable for all ages like swimming pools ,water parks , playground facilities, lake fishing  and lots of activities for children. In fact, the village resorts have all the needs and services required for a successful holiday within the village itself, without leaving its areas like mini-market, babysitting, bicycle rentals and other facilities.

Another benefit of those villages that the children can have the possibility to run around in green spaces without fear of getting hit by cars due to the fact that the vacationers need to park their car outside the village.

The popular resorts are located in Holland, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.village resort

What you can get at village resort?

The concept of the resort is a trip that allows the family to choose whether to spend their day in the resort village and benefit from the attractions it offers, or to go on day trips and activities which can be found nearby.

Each family receives a spacious residential unit (which might be a cottage, a small house or a spacious apartments). In this unit every family can cook for itself and also has the possibility of eating in the local restaurant.  Contrary to most hotel room, in most of the villages units they are multiple bedrooms so they allow us keeping some privacy during the vacation which always can help in the success of the vacation.

Contrary to hotel, in the village there isn't a cleaning service, nor supply of toilet paper, soap nor towels. But at the same time, you can buy the groceries at the village’s convenience store this, and each residential is equipped with a kitchen.

How to order the right village resort’s unit that is right for you?vacation at village resort

  1. Location ,Location ,Location - If you like to travel outside of the resort, you need to check the location of the village resort: How far it is from the airport, what cities and attractions are near by the village, where do you want to visit in this vacation and ext.
  2. What you are going to get in the price you’ll pay:
    1. There are resort villages that will give everything you need in terms of daily recreation and there are simpler ones. Choose the resort village which meet your needs by simply prioritizing your must have list.
    2. Before ordering, you should check which attractions are paid and which are free in the price you are going to pay.
    3. whether the price includes cleaning the house at the end of the vacation
  3. When you can go on the vacation? Note that in various resort villages, you can’t book for every day of entry, because there are specific regular days that families can make the entry - so you need to take that in consideration while ordering.
  4. There are several levels of residence at the resort villages and it is important to make sure that the apartment is suitable for your family’s needsvacation at village resort
  5. Location of the apartment at the resort village: If you and your family are going to make a lot of trip outside the village, you might want consider ordering an apartment which is close to the exit of the village, so you will not have to walk much from the parking to the apartment. On the other hand, if you plan to spend most of your time at the village you might consider the order an apartment at the center of the village.
  6. Prices: Check the price of various apartments at the village. You might find out that you can get a bigger apartment without significant difference in price. The note that price can drop as there are a larger number of people who are going to stay at the apartment.




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