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Japan: A Great Place for Vacations with Your Kids

Japan: A Great Place for Vacations with Your Kids

So you want to create some great memories with your kids? If that’s true, nothing comes to mind except spending some fun-filled vacations with them. But if the destination for vacations is not interesting, then you have ruined it all. But believe me, once you have chosen some interesting destination, you will not forget these moments spent with your kids and neither will you kids forget. You will surely experience fun, amusement, generosity, and adventure during your time in Japan. Now let’s see how ‘A Land Named Japan’ saves you from boring vacations:

Affordability, Good news for Kids:

You know that well, if you go to some place and have a taste of everything but still there are some of the items that you cannot afford. These items keep on bringing you nightmares

“What was it like to swim in that pool?” or “How delicious was that food item?” But none of this is the case when you can afford all of these. Although some may say it is expensive but as compared to most of the European countries, it is still an affordable option. Your Kids are going to have a taste of everything, they ever wanted.

Safety Comes First:

Whatever your concerns are and whatever you plan to do, Safety has comes on the top of the list. Japan Is considered the safest place in the world. It means that you won’t have to worry much about you and your Kids safety. But I said “Won’t have to worry much”, so you may have to worry a little. This little worry is associated with your kids stumbling across prohibited places, coming across something dangerous, doing something harmful and don’t forget about your kids putting everything in their hand into their mouth. So while you enjoy your vacations, make sure that you keep an eye on you kids.

The People:

When it comes to enjoying your vacations, one most important factor is the behavior of the people who are going to give you company, aside from you kids. Most of time is indeed spent with the people, either you are in a park, in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a garden, or visiting some shrine or temple as they are common in Japan, you will always be in a company with the people.

But the good thing is the people of Japan are very nice and welcoming in nature. They greet the visitors with love and are proud of their culture. At some point if you are feeling somewhat alone or away from your friends or family, these Japanese people will surely help. Even your kid will make some new friends and may learn some new Martial Arts techniques.

Small size makes it easy to move:

Hearing the word “Small” may make you think that there won’t be enough places, parks, attraction points, diversity or variety of foods. But believe me, it’s really not like that. It is the other way around, its small size makes it easy for you and your kids to travel around all of the interesting places. Because it won’t take you much time and with the aid of Bullet Train, it becomes fun, especially for your Kids.

Kids love tasty food:

Japan has some of the best foods in the world and your kids will surely ask for more once they get a taste of it. Some of the most famous Japanese food are Sushi, Ramen, Udon

(Thick Noodles), Yuba, Soba, Tempura and Dumplings. Seafood is common among Japanese people. This factor makes it a good place for families and kids to hang together.

Stuff to enjoy especially with your Kids

Theme Parks:

  1. LEGOLAND Japan(Nagoya): Filled with 40 rides and many attractions, consisting of 7 different themed lands, this park will surely provide a healthy fun for your kids
  2. Hanayashiki (Asakusa): This Park consists of about 20 rides and many amusements along with festival games and haunted houses. This should be in your list.
  3. ThomasLand (Fuji Q): It consists of different attractions that can provide fun for the whole day.
  4. Niko Niko Park (Aoyama Iitchomem Minato-ku, Tokyo): Your kid irrespective of the age can enjoy everything here. Large Jungle Towers, Mountains for climbing, or sliding down with flowing water (waterfall) will make your kid to have more of it.

Some other theme parks that can engage your kids with fun are Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park, Nazobako Live, Kidzania, Kandu, Universal Studios Japan and Joypolis etc.

Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan):

If you want to combine fun with science then it is your place. Your kid will surely learn something new while having fun.

Some other Museums to visit in Japan:

  • Fireman Museum
  • Museum of Maritime
  • Ghibli Museum
  • The Railway Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Tokyo Edo Museum

Tokyo Disneyland:

It remains open throughout the year and filled with visitors. Dream land for kids.


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