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Disney princesses have sparked the imagination of our children for generations, each of the princesses with her charm and strength that helps her cope with the difficulties in Disney's magical world.

My daughter's default choice for years was to dress up with princess costumes for girls and of course preferably with a rotating dress.

Every time we went on vacation, at least one of her costumes for each of the breakfast at our hotel was that of the Disney princess. Our last vacation was in Ireland, and two of our hotels were in castles, so she put on her princess costume and felt she was living in a fairy tale.

So I decided with the help of my daughter to prepare a list of costumes from selected sites (which I share in an affiliate program - that is, the price at the site is the same price and never more expensive, but I get a bonus for each purchase) - the costumes are only those of good quality with good recommendations, Only those who passed the filter of my daughter, then the filter of my wife and finally mine.

What characterizes each of the filters is that in my daughter (7 years old with a very developed sense of fashion) it must be of her favorite characters, who look good and close to reality, that fun would wear and go with him to the world of imagination for a magical journey.

For my wife, the filter is based on the quality of the costume, the reading of the recommendations and the examination of the children's suitability, including summer and autumn weather.

Last filter is mine, so for me the filter is how much quality vs.  price ratio make it worth the purchase, so I filter out expensive costumes and most of my price seems to make sense on good quality at the average price of  25$-30$ area.

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