Traveling With Kids And Family In Japan: Amusement Parks


When you first mention to your family that you all are going to take a trip to Japan, the culture is one of the first things that pop in your mind.

However, after the excitement of traveling to Japan is almost overbearing, especially if you have kids. Therefore, if you are going to plan a trip to Japan, and you have kids, then adding an amusement park or two should be a top priority to make the trip even more memorable.

Amusement parks

In the following brief, you will see many different amusement parks japan as well as a few hotels that are also local to make your trip less stressful to plan.

This amusement park is for those that want to experience an indoor amusement park. There are many different rides to travel down, and some may even make you scream.

This park has one of the largest pools to enjoy in Japan. The pool is opened year-round, and the rides are unlimited. There is more than a day worth of activities to get involved in and have a blast the entire time you are in the park.

This is a great amusement park for kids. With the ninja house and the maze connected, there are activities for an entire day out in Japan. The pricing for a day pass is reasonable and there is a lot of camera making moments to capture.

This amusement park is located right outside Tokyo Disneyland, so you can easily make a trip of the two parks in one or two days for unlimited entertainment. It was built to not only entertain kids but adults as well. There still are the Disney characters represented, however, with the various choices of attractions they offer, even the people from the USA are amused and look forward to seeing it.

This amusement park is one of the oldest parks in Japan. It was first established in 1949, however, over the time it has been established, it has made its mark to be one of the best places to take your children. There are fun large rides to enjoy as well as rides and activities for people of different ages and heights.


This amusement park is a top choice because it is located right on the side of Mt.Fuji. The breathtaking views it offers are sensational and the park itself offers many different rides and rollercoasters to venture out on.

Take a toll on the roller-coaster called “Bandit” and see if your day does not get more exciting. This amusement park has a lot to offer families and children. They even have hands-on rides and games that everyone in the family can enjoy. The price for this park s another reasonable place to spend your day, and you will not forget the moments and delight that your children will have.

Top Hotels To Choose From

When choosing a hotel in Japan there are a few key elements that you may want to consider before booking your trip. The hotels listed below all are set with good prices, they have a mid to high range of luxuries, depending on what your family is looking to get. They are all close to local restaurants as well as a close drive to the amusement parks above. Some will have smaller rooms and the beds may not be the softest. The reason for this is because in the Japanese culture, they will usually sleep on mats, so bedding is not a top priority for most places. If you are a family of four and above, it may be a wise decision to book more than one room or find a connecting room option since the rooms are made to be smaller.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, traveling to Japan has many different things available and open for you and your family to stimulate your senses. You can ride on roller-coasters that will make you scream, enjoy large pools, or get your hands on some thrilling games that will always make you smile. After you have chosen your places and top choices of amusement parks, you can then head over to a nearby hotel that offers different accommodations. Be prepared for smaller rooms, so it may be a wise decision to book more than one for larger families, however, they all are located in a decent location that is close and cost-effective to the amusement parks. Therefore, look now to see what amusement parks Tokyo Japan or amusement parks Osaka Japan or will be the best fit for you and your kids, you will not be disappointed, and will have a trip that will be long remembered.


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