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In recent years there is a rise in family tours Traveling with Grandparents. Tours where grandparents, parents, and children go on vacation together. Such a trip should be suitable for the entire extended family and requires a different approach than a regular family trip of parents with children.

 Adjusting trips for the elderly:

  • Preparing to the trip:

  1. It’s important to order proper medical insurance.
  2. Ask the doctor for the prescribed prescription in Latin
  3. To do vaccines in advance like influenza Immunization
  4. Check the location of hospitals and health services near the track.
  5. Do not forget to take the grandparents' medicines and glasses as well.
  • Planning the flight: It’s recommended to prefer:

    1. Direct flights with no transitions
    2. Not to fly with low-cost company in order to achieve maximum comfort
    3. adjust the flight time for the comfort of the senior traveler according to his preferences
    4. Avoid night flights
    5. If the flight is long, it is advisable to drink, avoid drinking alcohol, and whenever possible, it is best to extract bones and grandparents grandchildren
  • Transitions:

    1. If there are difficulties walking – ask for transportation within the airport designated for the disabled and the elderly.
    2. Minimize the overnight and transit breaks during the trip. change the hotels as minimum as possible
  • Choosing the hotel:

By Choosing a hotel room for the old traveler  we should take in consideration the following issues:

  1. Accessibility:
    • Make sure there is an elevator at the hotel and whether there are stairs at the entrance to the hotel.
    • Make sure that in the hotel room there is a shower or a bath according to the needs of the senior traveler
    • check the height of the bed itself - perhaps it is difficult to climb on it
  2. Ask the hotel for a room close to the elevator according to the needs of the senior traveler.
  • While traveling:

    1. The pace of the trip: Take the time - the pace with older traveler might be slower. Sometimes the senior traveler needs to stop or rest. So sometimes it takes longer than you thought in advance.
    2. Combine a stopover in a cafe or restaurant every time.
    3. Combine parks and urban gardens (because there are benches to rest on one side, and a lawn for rampage on the other).
    4. You can take with you a folding mobile chair so the senior traveler can stop anywhere and rest. a member of the family suffers from walking difficulties, consider renting a light scooter for the purpose of the trip.
    5. It is advisable not to change your existing dietary habits significantly during the trip.

If It is possible, it’s recommended to travel with the grandparents, but it is worthwhile planning, thinking, weighing and adapting the trip to everyone's needs and limitations, if any.

Another kind of Trip for senior travelers - Organized trip for the elderly:

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An organized tour for the elderly, usually has a special accommodation to suit the trip for travelers.
Usually this type of trip is accompanied by a qualified doctor (this does increase the cost of travel, but it gives rest and peace of mind).Another adaption is of the route in order to fit the ability to hike. This kind is carefully planned down to the smallest details: transportation from and to the airport, accessibility of the tourist site, keeping the hotels changes to minimum and to keep two full meals a day.

There are two main types of tours for seniors:

 Star Tours:

Since older travelers prefer not to change hotels frequently, Star Tours specialize in choosing one central spot from which to visit the sights and tourist attractions located in the destination. This saves adult travelers from the need to reorganize on a daily basis, packing personal belongings and shaking them with them.


This is an optimal arrangement, as it allows them to enjoy exploring the sites along the river, along with a sense of liberation from the arrangements accompanying the trip while staying in the conditions of luxury hotel.

In this kind of trip it’s important to Check travel companies that specialize in organizing tours for the elderly, so as not to find yourself stuck on a trip that is not suitable for the senior’s abilities or feel too "adult" in a framework that does not suit you. Furthermore, it’s important to make sure that a qualified doctor joins the trip and ask your doctor for a medical summary, preferably in English, which lists problems, medications taken regularly, medication sensitivities, etc. so that you can provide the accompanying doctor with all the necessary information, if necessary.


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