Lapland with kids – Snow Safari in Lapland with kids

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Have you ever dreamed about visiting Santa Claus's house or watching the magical northern glow? If the answer is “YES” you might consider visiting Lapland.

Lapland is located on the northern edge of the Scandinavian countries and extends over four different countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Lapland region is about 100,000 square kilometers which are full of snow & ice. She isn't just another winter destination. the proximity to the Arctic makes the visit unique with the most spectacular view ones on earth.  In Lapland you can find rare views and attractions which most of them are suitable for all ages.

What kind of Attractions you can find in Lapland?

  1. Riding on snow: traveling in thick forests, frozen rivers. To ride a snowmobile you need to be over the age of 18 with a driver's license. You drive one child with you on a snowmobile but the lapland family holidayschild should be from the age of 12 and up over 1.4 meters. Young children can ride through a quick sleigh
  2. Visiting Husky dog’s breeding grounds and going on a ride with 6 Husky’s dogs
  3. Visiting The Northern deer breeding grounds and take a ride on Northern deer sleigh. In every sleigh can be 2 people so one of the kids can sit on the back of the sleigh while his parent is riding the sleigh.
  4. Visiting the village Of Santa Claus: According to local tradition, the Finnish Lapland is the home of Santa Claus. From there, he travels on trips around the world to bring to children toys for Christmas. At the village you will find the post office of Santa, where you can send yourself a
  5.  lapland family holidays postcard, with a special Santa stamp all year round and of course meet Santa Claus.
  6. Santa OfficeVisiting The Ice Palace which is also used as a hotel – The structure is made of ice, and is being rebuilt annually from giant ice cubes. The palace\hotel contains 18 different rooms and And even a church where weddings can be held, alongside there is a restaurant and bar where, all the benches are padded with elk-warmed skin, and the tables are made of clear ice.
  7. Trek to the frozen fall – A 3 hours trek while walking with snow sandals which prevent sinking at the snow. In the trek you’ll pass right under the frozen waterfalls that froze during their flow.
  8. Sailing on an Icebreaker - The role of the giant ship is to break the ice and leave the sea lane open to other ships. During the cruise you can closely see the process of ice breaking and you can get special suits developed by NASA, and jump for a dip in the frozen waters of the bay. There you can go fishing in the frozen lakes, visiting the Arctic museum and of course watching the Northern glow and more.

Some words about the “Northern lights”:

Northern lights

The northern lights are created when the magnetic field surrounding the Earth creates a load of particles. Because of the gravity, the particles descend downward and meet the molecules in the air that are made of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. This encounter causes the particles to spin dizzyingly and release colored energy in the sky. Rare natural phenomena can be predicted almost exclusively, only in the Polar Regions of the Earth or nearby.
The best conditions for viewing the northern lights are held on clear, cold nights (without clouds), without full moon ,especially in dark places far enough from the town lights. Local guides often know how many hours in advance if there is a chance to watch the glare, so you can catch up and go to observation points, where you can see it best.

How to travel to this kind of trip?


Although you can take a trip to Lapland independently, it is more recommended to take an organized trip to this area. In this way everything is included - the food, the hotel, the equipment for the rides and to keep the travelers warm, the sites fees which are high for the independent travelers, so in this kind to trip is more suitable for organized trips which will give us peace of mind about the organization of the trip (especially for families with kids in order to keep the minimum time in the cold).

What to bring to this kind of trip?

The proximity to the North Pole makes the climate in Lapland particularly cold, though most companies will provide overalls and some suitable shoes for the snow, it’s important that you pack synthetic or wool layers to keep you warm and also:

  1. Coat: The best coat you have at home. When will we ever use the coat? Only on arrival and on the last day after returning the equipment and moving from one heated place to another.
  2. Thermal pants , shirts and socks (two layers of socks)
  3. 2 pairs of gloves - wearing thin gloves in thick warm gloves with internal brass padding
  4. Neck Warmer and Wool Hat: If you ask when you wear your hat? Even if you'll just go for a short walk
  5. Thick sweatshirts that you can wear under the overalls
  6. Flannel shirts with pockets: pockets are a good place to keep cell phones. Batteries have a freezing tendency (a frozen lithium battery that restores and deactivates the device). The battery of the camera should be put in the pocket as well.
  7. Warm and sturdy shoes
  8.  Anti-skid component that can be installed on the sole of the shoe in order to prevent ice skating or if you get the shoes for a guided tour it is important to make sure that the bottom of the shoe is not worn.
  9. Moisturizer: Apply on the skin of the face with a moisturizer several times a day, including the ears. At every opportunity apply lipstick against dry lips.
  10. Good camera for the amazing views
  11. Sunglasses because the sunlight on the snow causes dazzling.

For more information about how to dress in the cold you can watch this video

Have a great and warm trip!


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