what is farm stay – farm stay vacations at agriculture farms around the world

family farm stay vacations

Where can you find “Farm Stay”?

Across europe you can find "farm stay" especially in Italy, Austria, Netherlands, UK, France & Spain. In non-European countries you may find "farm stay" in the US, Australia and New Zeeland.

When looking for "farm stay" at the US you can use below site to search for a candidate farm:

Now when looking for "farm stay" in the rest of the world you can look search for candidate farm in:

farm stay vacations

How you can get an idea of what goes on during a visit?

farm stay vacations

If you are unsure, it's recommended to pick up the phone or send an email and ask how does a typical day in the farm look like. Another option is check the testimonials either in the farm site or by checking google for reviews.

What to bring to this kind of Vacation?

  • Don’t forget to bring for you and your family:
  • Boots for the mud
  • Closed shoes
  • If you are planning to take part in the farm’s various work you should bring with you clothes that you don’t mind that will get dirty and of course.
  • Sun hats
  • Long sleeves
  • pants
  • sunscreen.
  • Other clothes should be pack according to the area of the farm and the weather expected.

sum up

You can say that vacation in "farm stay" it’s unique way of vacation experience and even usually cheaper than staying at a regular hotel with a bonus of tasting the rural life up close.

When living in the city are so intense, sometimes we all need to take a break in a rural area and just enjoy from the nature and calm down. So if you and your family love vacations at the nature and being close to animals you might consider a vacation at an agriculture farms which is also called “farm stay”. For children, an agriculture

 farm stay vacationsfarm vacation is the most unusual experience. They get to meet animals closely, they can assist the farm owner in their daily work, tell what kinds of food each animal eat and of course, Play, run and enjoy the outdoors. The farm can also serve as an excellent base from which to explore the natural, you can go hiking in the surrounding nature or visit cities and attractions in the area.
farm stay vacations

What is happening at the "Farm stay"?

Please note that not in all farms you can bring the children with you (there might be an age restriction) so it is important to check before ordering the vacation (Same goes for pets).
family farm stay vacations

"Farm stay" comes in different forms and shapes:
1) farmhouse that were converted to be B&B.
2) real farm in which you can visit and give a helping hand to the daily tasks.
3) just renting a house in a rural area where herds are near your house.

In terms of accommodation, some of the farms offer rooms at the farm-house. other farms build accommodation instead of old farm Structures to place, and some other even offer camping conditions.

The meals in some of the farms will usually be provided from the farm’s products, but you should take in consideration that every farm works differently, so you need to check what is offered by the specific farm offers before ordering. For example, in some farms, you might be needed to cook your meals for yourself and might expected to buy the products from the farm for extra charge, while in other farms you’ll get all meals cooked for you without paying extra money.
Working on the farm: This is an important point that you should check with the farm owner, but generally you won’t be expected to do anything unless you will want to help at the farm’s work collecting eggs, milking the cows or feeding chickens.


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