low cost airline tickets – how to keep it cheap

low cost flight tickets

In the recent years there is an increase in the use in low-cost flights. Example for the low-cost airline companies are  Eayjet, Ryanair, Wizz air and ext. Low cost flight may cost cheap on its basic price. However, we need to consider that to this price may be added  other cost that will be charged which  may affect the initial cheap price and bring it to a relatively high price .  Here below you can find some tips from my experience in how to avoid the additional costs:

  1. Online check in to the flights: Always do online checking to the flight. Notice that the online check-In option will be close few hours before the flight (usually 3-4 hours - depends on the airline policy). In some airline companies you'll be charge for checking at the airport (Can cost around 50 euro for the airport check-in).
  2. Luggage: Firstly, In the low-cost airline company usually only the cabin bag which you take on board with you (Like the Trolley bag) will be included in the basic flight price (and only one per person) . Take notice that, the bag needs to be in specific dimensions and weight and if it larger than the dimension that was set the bag will be sent to the flight cargo storage (For instance, Raynair's Baggage policy). and you can usually  take only one cabin bag  per passenger. In some cases the cabin bag's dimension check might occur on the boarding time. Secondly, bring with you only the number of suitcases that you ordered in the ticket purchase stage. If you'll bring another suitcase or the suitcase will be heavier than the airline policy you will be charged for addition al fee.
  1. Sitting arrangements on the flight: If you want to sit with your family or friends, You will need to pay extra money in order to reserve places. You might take a chance not to order that and ask other passengers to change their sits (but it's taking a risk since they might won't agree)
  2. Food & Drinks: In the low costs flight the meals are not included. So, if you get hungry on the flight you will need to pay few bucks for a Sandwich or a small meal, and same goes for drink which will cost few bucks. In order to avoid the extra cost, you can bring Sandwiches or other food you like from home. Remember that regarding drinks there is security airport restriction to bring  aboard any beverages over 100ml, So the solution we use is  to buy the drinks for the flight in the Tax free zone .
  3. Other tips: There aren't any movies or TV on the lost flights so don't forget to bring some entertainment with you specially in case you are traveling with children (Books; Magazines, Tablet with movies\games ext.) Also, it might be a good idea to bring a blanket with you because it might get chilly on the flight.


Have  A great flight!


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