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get cheap flight ticket

From time to time the desire to travel Is raising its head and I am finding myself sitting and looking for the best flight deal I can find. Here are some insights I discovered to find cheap flight which are not only low-cost flights:

  1. I turn my browser to Incognito mode: This Mode allows me to search the different website without the site planting cookies on my browser. The cookies allow these sites to understand what I’m looking for (For example, a trip to Paris at specific dates) which country I’m from and ext. When they “know” what I’m interested in they will automatically raise the price of the flights that are being shown to me.

How to turn your browser to Incognito mode:

Google chrome:

Get to the tool menu, then pick a New incognito window

Internet Explorer:
Here is a link how to turn you Explorer browser to Incognito mode

  1. compare, compare, compare: Try to find prices for your desire flights by comparing prices in several flight search engines. The most recommended are: Skyscanner, JetRadar, Google flights.
  2. Flight Ordering timing: Try to order the flights few months ahead when the demand for the tickets are low or otherwise you can try to find closer to the flight deadline when the airline companies tries to fill up the plane and ready to offer flights on cheaper prices (you can get updates about the last-minute cheap flight in verity sites and apps). Of course, the second option is riskier and you can find yourself without the desire date time.

Furthermore, if you are flexible on the flight dates there are few things that you can do:

Firstly, don’t order flights for the pick sessions: summer time (July August), Holidays times. If you’ll order right after this pick season the flight prices will dropped.

Secondly, there are days in the month that the flights can be cheaper. So try to check at the flight search engine prices not for specific days but get a view for the entire month.

This is an example from JetRider:

  1. Direct flights Vs flights With Connections: If you don’t live in place that has central, big and busy airport like London or Istanbul, Direct flights to far destinations are usually more expensive than flight with connections. Of course, always choose a flight with reasonable connections (try never to exceed 2 connection top) so you won’t spend all of your trip time on airports. If you are taking a flight with connection you should be sure that the time you will be spending in the connection destination is atleast 2 hours because you need to leave yourself time to get to the new gate and pass the security checks.

I see to bonuses in flights with connections: firstly, it allows you to take time out in a long flight. And secondly, if the connection time is long enough, you can go out and visit the city at the connection destination.

What is the logic behind multiple connection being cheaper than direct flight? Well the airlines prefer to bring you to an “hub airport” which means that “An airline operates flights from several non-hub (spoke) cities to the hub airport, and passengers traveling between spoke cities need to connect through the hub. This paradigm creates economies of scale that allow an airline to serve (via an intermediate connection) city-pairs that could otherwise not be economically served on a non-stop basis” (From Wikipedia).

  1. Ordering low-cost flight: These flights are cheaper cause they are without meals on board and’ it’s cheaper if you take only trolly suitcase. Sometime with all the extras the low-cost flight might be even more expensive the regular flight.

Have a great (and cheap) flight!


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