Florida Vacation – Break from Van Life

We enjoy our vacation in Orlando, Florida for the week. I take you along to the grocery store and lots of swimming and relaxing too. Aleader Water Shoes: …


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12 thoughts on “Florida Vacation – Break from Van Life

  1. Hi and hope you are both doing well, I’ve missed watching your videos but I’m back and catching up, glad to see you all were having a nice time solar charging in the sunshine state, great video, on with the show! Ciao

  2. It takes serious dedication to brave urban jungle resorts and capture video footage of elusive ducks and lizards. ? fun factoid: Unlike chickens, ducks don't have pecking orders, and are social animals that get along very well with each other and seldom fight. They are not solitary creatures and will become depressed and lonely quite easily.
    Bonus fun factoid: Astronauts lose their sense of taste in space due to chronic head/nasal congestion and often request resupply of salsa to enhance the flavor of their foods. ?

  3. I live in Ocala, Fl just north of Orlando about an hour and we are Horse Capital of the World. l go down to Orlando all the time there is so much to do there. Yea Publix is higher than other stores. Why do you not eat soy? I know why people eat gluten free, but was just curious about the soy.

  4. Hi Jennifer, well not much sun to get a tan, but nice legs though. Publix Groceries is all throughout Florida and my choice to go there other than farmers market. Why didn’t you just take an Uber back to your resort? Anyway enjoy your vacation! And await your next adventures!

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