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how to make the visit there more efficient?

Here are some tips we gathered thro time that can help you to make your trip to Disneyland Paris more efficient:

Where to stay?

euro disneyland entrance

There are seven hotels in Disneyland, all within walking distance of the park itself, all have shuttle service to the park. There are few advantages in staying in these hotels:

  1. Those who sleep at one of Disney’s hotels enjoy a two-hour special benefit in the park before it is opened to the general public, Between 8.00 and 10.00 hotel guests can enjoy some of the facilities almost without standing in lines.
  2. The hotel guests also receive the “Fastpass service” which helps to avoid the lines in various facilities.
  3. If the children get tired, you can return to the hotel in no time, Relax and return to the park for more fun (specially for the 23:00 finishing show). Same goes in case you forgot something to bring for the children you can in minutes hoop to the hotel and get it.
  4. You can meet Disney’s character at the hotel while eating there for additional money.

The disadvantage of these hotels is of course the price, they are more expensive than hotels outside the park (some of them also have shuttles to the park). But I think the experience of staying in Disneyland hotel can be worth it and you can find deals for them.

If you decide to stay in Paris, you can easily reach Disneyland by train (RER). Disneyland is its last stop.

Purchase tickets:

The park is divided into two: the amusement park and the film park. We recommend to buy the ticket online-it’s cheaper this way. Disneyland Paris has many different options for tickets and this may be a bit confusing. Overall – the main options are purchasing a ticket / card that combines the two parks together or just for one of the parks (Take into consideration) that if you buy a ticket to one park and during the visit you want to move to the second park – you will have to complete the cost of the ticket at the cost it is sold in the box and not according to the cost on the website.

Spending time at the park:

When you enter the park you have a station where you can take a map of the site, and a program that specify what is about to take place in the park its program. Take them both in order to know the time Schedules of the shows and meeting with the characterseuro disney main street

If you want to plan your day, and to know how long each facility takes, You can go to the city hall which is located after the entrance on the left, and ask for a program that includes the time for each facility.

I recommend purchasing an autograph book -it’s a signature book with a place for the picture

When you come to be photographed with a character, prepare a pen, open the book on the desired page and give it to Disney’s character euro disney paradesign. Each character has its own unique signature and is a wonderful souvenir of this experience.

Disney’s characters can be seen throughout the park especially in the morning in all kinds of places around the park. You should download the application Disneyland Paris to see exactly where are your favorite characters, and what hours you can meet them.

If you want to enhance the experience, you can order lunch / dinner at Mickey’s Cafe at the Disney’s village and meet them there, please note that it can be pretty expensive.

The Central Parade

The famous central parade, which includes exhibits of all the favorite characters and films, usually takes place every day at 17.30, all over the park. If you want to get a good view to the parade, it’s highly recommended to come early (even at 16:00), to take a place with good view point as close as possible to the curb.

The audio-visual show

Disney’s final show, featuring exciting effects and fireworks over euro disney firework?Cinderella’s iconic palace, takes place during the summer at 23.00 and lasts 20 minutes. It’s spectacular. If you are staying in one of the Park hotels, consider the possibility of returning to the hotel in the early evening, rest a bit and then return to the final show.

What about shopping?

There are a lot of souvenir shops in the park, each shop offers a wide variety of items. If you decide to buy things – you do not have to take them with you. You can ask to saved, paid and collected your purchases when you go home (with the receipt and the security note that you will be given).

If you bought in the various shops of the park (including restaurants) in the amount of more than 90 Euros, you can request a tax refund form. Just arrive at the end of the day with all receipts to the City Hall at the entrance and with this form you can go to the designated stand at the airport and can get a tax refund.

What about eating and drinking in the park?

We recommended to bring food and snacks with you because the restaurants are quite expensive and in order to dine in one of the restaurants, you will have to book reservation in advance via the website.

How to avoid standing in lines?

You can buy “FastPass”. This is a card that gives you the option to “save a queue”. When you’ll arrive at the facility, scan the code on the ticket, keep it and receive a designated entry time.

Please note that “Fast Pass” can’t be used in several facilities at the same time and you have to wait for the last deadline to pass. There are times, that despite having this card, you won’t be able to use this card since there are limit of places which can be reserved using the “Fast Pass” per facility at the same time.

Also, you may want to consider go to the end of the park and start your day from there. This way you can use the facilities before the big crowd will arrives, as most people start from the entrance. Perhaps the beginning from the end will allow you to enter the facilities at the first hour without pressure and a long wait.

What about taking photos in the park?

You can purchase “PhotoPass”, which is a digital card that allows you to “accumulate” all the pictures you took in the various facilities, with the euro disney paradecharacters, etc. and receive them digitally. The cost of the ticket is about 60 Euro (the cost of a single photo per facility is about 17 euros so might be worth the price).

The children can come with costumes to the park. This way they will feel special and you’ll not need to spend money on an expensive costume at the park.

Have a lot of magical fun!

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