Charles Rappels Down a Building with Give Kids the World

Charles recently had the opportunity to go “Over the Edge” with Give Kids the World and rappel down a hotel on International Drive! “Over the Edge” is a …


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32 thoughts on “Charles Rappels Down a Building with Give Kids the World

  1. Great job Charles! I have actually stayed at Give Kids the World about 10 years ago because my nephew was diagnosed with leukemia (he was 2 years old then) and his Make A Wish was to go to Disney World. My sister asked me and my husband to go down there with them as support, and it was AMAZING! Give Kids the World is an ABSOLUTE JOY and I can't say enough good things about it. It touched us so much that we donate there every year so it can continue to do FANTASTIC things for these STRONG, BRAVE kiddos and their families!!!

  2. Charles is quickly becoming my fav member of The Dis Team. Charles, well done on this challenge but more so the beautiful words you spoke on this video and your thoughts on the challenge. Excellent to see videos like this. We know you guys all do so much for charity which further adds to the reasons why I watch your videos. You are all amazing. Keep up the good work guys x

  3. Good job Charles !! You are awesome and thank you and The Dis for embracing this charity !! I had never heard of Give kids the World until I started watching Dis ….now I give and have made others aware and they give !!! You guys help the fighters and that’s just as important as the fighters themselves !!

  4. As a member of a make a wish family who will be visiting Give Kids The World for my younger sister next month, I thank you Charles for your support and your awareness of what it is like to be in this position of a family member who has to watch a child suffer and hurt on almost a daily basis and now they get to have a moment of happiness and fun for a week. Thank you Charles love the channel and everyone at the DIS

  5. Fantastic Charles! You rock. Thank you for all you do. Love it when you are featured on the Dis. If you do this again and look for contributions, hope Dis puts it out there. I'd be happy to help if can.

  6. Being a parent of a child with a life threatening disease, Charles response about tourism bravery vs true bravery was insightful and spot on. Thanks to Charles and the DIS team for there continued support for Give Kids The World.

  7. ? Charles ? love the little detail with the Spider-Man shirt! Can't wait to see another member of the dis do this next year.. I nominate Pete or Ryno ?

  8. VERY nicely done! Charles – You da man! Both the courage t do this, and the eloquence with which you spoke! Saw Pam Tweeting about this event, it's great to see the video – and she is elegant and eloquent, as always!

    I give thanks all the time that the DIS, and Pete opened by eyes to this wonderful, superbly administrated charity, and I support it through Amazon Smile, donations through the DIS, direct donations, and an end of life legacy. Thank you for letting me be just a small part of helping others!!

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